5 reasons why Star Trek > Star Wars

It’s time to put this aging debate to a complete halt. Yes, there will be people who will raise their fists at me, wearing ‘Han shot first’ shirts with pride, in itself an insight into their obsessive state of mind, but I digress.

Star Wars:

1) The force binds you and you must give in to it. Free will? Forget about it. The force knows what’s good for you and expects you to sit and listen to it. Fatalism, anyone?

2) Your seniors always know better and you are wrong to state your mind

3) Everything is dealt with in battle.

4) Jedis are considered good, but it’s ok for them to manipulate others to get what they want

5) George Lucas attempted to add science to his fiction and failed miserably

Star Trek

1) You are what you make of yourself, and your will and intellect are your guiding forces

2) Ideas are open for suggestions and an ensign can inspire a captain

3) Battle is a last resort. Answers should be attained via communication and diplomacy

4) The first operative is not interfering with a culture and its progress. There is probably a good reason why mind-melding was removed from the show

5) I’ll take a replicator over a lightsaber any time of the year.

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