Mass Effect 3 blurbing

I recently went through Mass Effect 3. As a devout fan of the original — currently playing it for the fourth time — I had to bring the story arc to a close. The reason for my delay? Mass Effect 2 took away much more than it gave me. Yes, it’s a much better action game with refined shooting and superior cover mechanics, but overcoming the geth and Cerberus agents is not why I invested over 200 hours into the first game. It’s arguable that Project Director cum Executive Producer Casey Hudson had always envisioned the series to be this way, complete with HD bullets whizzing past your head and explosive biotic powers knocking your senses off. If that was the case, the team could have simply picked up Gears of War, added some depth with occasional conversation threads and packaged the game. Mass Effect already runs on the Unreal engine, so a byproduct like that is relatively easy. No need to wait for the third and final inclusion of the series to satisfy that. The hard truth is that Bioware started off designing RPG’s, but when the market is investing 90% on action games and 10% on all others — their acquisition by EA further increasing that rift — demands are expected and money is what keeps such companies afloat. Bioware started off creating a niche and attracting gamers to their bold creations, but just like they did with The Truth DLC, they listened to the mass and caved in. For shame. Not a single interview or press release can ever convince me that their intentions were genuine.

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