Moving out in California for dummies: 12 things to keep in mind.

After spending four years in the glorious city of Los Angeles, I thought I’d move my family south-bound toward Long Beach in search of new experiences. Why Long Beach? Well, we wanted to be closer to the beach and not too far from LA. Venice and Santa Monica were not considered because I’ve had myContinue reading “Moving out in California for dummies: 12 things to keep in mind.”

The La La Land post

I finally watched La La Land: a charming movie that should have ended 20 minutes before it actually did, but I seem to be echoing the same complaints for almost every movie I have watched recently. Maybe I cherish my time. Maybe I’m just a dolt who’s become too accustomed to the brevity and promptnessContinue reading “The La La Land post”

Three things they never tell you about having a baby

We’ve all heard of the blessings that seem to come bundled with your newborn. We’ve all been around babies and their parents, and chances are most of you who aspire to have your own spawn have looked at your partners sheepishly as they play with someone else’s baby, stuck in a reverie of starting yourContinue reading “Three things they never tell you about having a baby”

Five days in Los Angeles

I was recently approached by a friend to offer her insight about the stand-out things one might do in LA. I am not an expert, nor do I entitle myself an “Angeleno,” but I have spent the better part of one year in this expansive city exploring it through the eyes of a visitor. Here, forContinue reading “Five days in Los Angeles”