Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaway 2.0

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

The last time I held a giveaway for Hearthstone, the reception was phenomenal and I promised to negotiate more keys. Astute readers will have already established that I have delivered on my promise and am ready to unleash Beta keys for this awesome game to 100 lucky winners.

That was not a typo. It’s 100.

To enter, you have to:

1) Make sure that you follow my account @Sparkileptic on twitter/instagram/facebook

2) Publish a tweet, status update or photo using the hashtag #HearthStoneFTW. The content of your published material needs to be relative to Hearthstone and needs to express how excited you are to play it.

3) Retweet/Share someone else’s #HearthstoneFTW post.

3) Sit tight and pray to the videogame gods.

20 Winners will be selected randomly on a weekly basis every Monday, starting Monday November 18.

Good luck to all you awesome gamers!