Hearthstone BETA Key giveaway

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Earlier today, I sent out a seemingly innocent tweet proclaiming that I had 8 keys to give away for this highly anticipated card game. What I did not expect was the flurry of responses that it has received.

You obviously want to play it, and I would love nothing more than to hand over the codes to you.

To gain access to this awesome game and win yourself a key, just drop in a comment letting me know what you are most looking forward to in the game.

Winners will be chosen at random on September 23.

Keep retweeting and telling your friends to participate as the more the interest, the more codes I will be able to get you guys!

475 thoughts on “Hearthstone BETA Key giveaway

  1. Well isn’t this incredibly nice of you. I’ll throw my name in and cross my fingers. I’ve been chasing keys for weeks and failing every time. Thanks for doing this and good luck to all!

  2. Hi guy I realy need a key ’cause im a real fan of Card game like Magic and I think Hearthstone is a good alternative so… I NEED IT ! Enjoy !

  3. I guess what i’m looking forward to is the whole game itself, because I really enjoy the whole lore and characters of WoW, and I really like Magic. This game is a mixture of both and I couldn’t be more excited; No-one is more excited than me!

  4. Hi, I’d really love to have a chance of playing this game. I’ve been watching it a lot during the past 2 weeks and I would like to start playing myself. My goal is to start streaming the game and try to entertain people as much as possible ! I’ve already installed everything, and I’ve been part of a lot of contests, but still no key… I hope this one will be the one !

  5. First of all, thanks for the giveaway.
    And now my reason. I’ve been playing many other games in beta and I really like trying out games before others do. It’s not just about playing but also about noticing bugs, errors and stuff like that, and it makes me happy to help developers to improve the game with reporting those errors or giving some insight about what should be done differently. The hype around the Hearthstone is huge and the game looks really interesting so I’m more than anxious to try it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good luck to all, stay classy

  6. I am most looking forward to being involved in a fresh and vibrant gaming community. Without all the negativity which has crept into so many of the games I have loved in the past. Also I love animals, so I want to build a BEAST deck to rival all others ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks!! Fingers crossed!!

  7. Im looking forward to everything about the game lol i havent played anygames for months cause all i have been doing is tryin to get a beta key xD

  8. This game looks like the bomb! It’d make my week to get a betakey! Thanks for putting in the effort!!

  9. Hello, I would like to have this game to play, as it is one of the games I expected more eager, but I can not get a beta by any other means, I would like if you have and want me you could give, I await your response to this comment in my email cheespeluy@gmail.com – Many thanks and best regards.

  10. My girlfriend and I have been looking forward to playing this game for a very, very long time. To be honest, the thing that I’m most looking forward to is spending some great time together with her while playing this awesome game. That’s it, cheers for giving us a chance to win, and I wish you best of luck.

  11. I’m looking forward to playing warlock. I played one for the longest time in WoW and I can’t wait to get a taste of it again.

  12. one of my favourite game is the magic the gathering(MTG), in heartstone i want to find that good atmosphere like MTG, and like to play world of warcraft=) bestt mmo ever. SO MTG+WOW= Heartstone. And i love it=))))

  13. Looking forward to ending my psychotic search for a beta key an finally testing this amazing game. Can’t wait to build my own decks.

  14. To be honest, I’m just looking forward to have a good time. I’ve played several TCG and a couple of online CCG, but it’s extremely time consuming, and it’s kinda hard to make a lot of time being a single parent. Hearthstone seems to be great game for casual gamer like myself.

  15. I’m looking forward to the Arena. I think it’s a great game type for this kind of game. Hopefully I’ll also run into some of the streamers I’ve been watching.

  16. All the LoL players are playing this game at the moment. This card game is the most fun I’ve seen since Yugioh! The art style, the gameplay, all looks like a blast.

  17. I play TCG since i was a kid … I love this kind of games, i lust love it and i love blizzard games too… so i’m realy excited about this game i stay like 1 hour per day seeing Gameplays but to imagine what i’m playing … And of course I ill make an you tube channel to share my happiness with everyone! I hope you could help me ;S but yh Good luck to all

  18. I’m looking forward to having a quickly played game where I can strategize against fellow human being.

  19. Well, I actually want to help improving the game.(Amazing, isn’t it 8D).
    I saw a bit of it in a stream and am looking a lot in a forum yet beside all those ranting about stuff like PCGamers giveaway, I cannot do much yet. But I really would like to paticipate in actual discussions about the game and tell my ideas to make the game a better game.
    And, well, I am in general quite excited to play the game as it looks like a bunch of fun to me!

  20. The main aspect I’m looking forward to is the collection of new cards. From there the building up and tweaking of my decks. Appreciate the give away.

  21. I need a key, key, key is what i need hey hey.
    Now for the reason… you can say I’m a really big fan of blizzard and TCG games, this game simply combines all of my favourites things. I’ve been struggling to get a key for god knows how much time and I’m simply sick of watching streams about this game.
    Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to everyone.

  22. I’m most looking forward to jumping into arena and getting to play against all the other players.

  23. Besides the fact that the Game itself looks very polished and fun (instead of playing Magic iRL I spent many, many evenings watching HS-streams for some time now), there is the one reason why HS is going to be awesome for me: I will finally be able to command the most annoying, cutest, deadliest creatures on Earth …. erm, Azeroth by myself: Murlocs!

    So, good luck everyone and may we soon meet on the battlefield ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. im looking forward to test out all heros and play finally some card game that is as good as magic. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. I’d love to get my hands on a key, I’ve been watching a ton of streams and my bandwidth is suffering, I need a key so that I don’t go too much over limit and have to pay my ISP an extra 50$.
    But honestly I just enjoy card games, and can’t wait to get to try a rouge in arena, please give me the chance to try them before they get nerfed ๐Ÿ˜€

  26. I am trying so hard to get and key and will you be the one to give me it? I would love you so much forever.

  27. First learned about Hearthstone on youtube from TotalBiscuits, been hooked ever since, watching streams non stop. Been a fan of card games for ever and just can’t wait to get my hands on HS.
    Hope I’m lucky enough to get a key from this giveaway since I have had no luck with the bajilion others I tried ๐Ÿ˜›

  28. I am looking forward trying out the arena, the randomness of drafting in arena looks so cool. Thanks for this opportunity to winning a key, you’re a godsend! Cheers

  29. well it being a blizzard card game aside! I’d Love a key, been following it on twitch and reading up on it thru the website, great looking game can’t wait to finally be able to play it. Looking forward to deck building !.

  30. Been looking for a Online TCG for so long and now its here XD WOP WOP just really looking forward to playing it, and playing rogue ๐Ÿ˜› and mybe a murloc deck for giggles xD

  31. I’m really looking forward to the free to play aspect of a TCG game. You never have to put a cent in the game, but you always have the option to if you choose.

    Giveaway in announced on my birthday, pretty sweet.

  32. I’ll join the party! You can e-mail MY code to pashade1@yahoo.com. I’ve never played trading card games, let alone on the computer! I am just hooked on this game and I haven’t even touched it yet.

    P.S. I’ve never won anything… :’-(

  33. Im feeling lucky, ive entered in 30+ giveaways in the past 3 weeks. patience is going to pay off. i have faith

  34. This game looks really fun to play. I am most looking for the arena mode, cause it looks very interesting and balanced to play. But also ranked is a game mode i am really looking for!

  35. Really hoping to forge my skill at the Arena as soon as possible. Love the Warcraft universe and have played every Blizzard game so far. Thanks for the opportunity ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. The thing I look forward to the most is the deckbuilding. I have always loved experimenting with different combos, so I really want to make a kick-ass deck

  37. I’ve never got into card games before but have always played blizzard games. From what I’ve seen I’m thinking this is my new game

  38. Looking forward to spending multiple hours building the ultimate rogue deck to beat everyone with!

  39. Looking forward to giving the beta key to my son that has been so patient and seeing his face light up with joy

  40. If i get this key i am calling in sick for the next 2 days. damn you blizzard damn you!!! lol

  41. I love the grinding aspect of the game and incorporating leveling. Also thank god for no auction house type format like mtg

  42. I was always interested in Trading Card Games, but I never catched up to people who played it much longer than me. Hearthstone will be the first TCG, which I play right from the release. Or even earlier?

  43. Im looking forward to the social aspect of the game. (playing with friends,meeting new people, etc.)

  44. Very cool! I crossing my fingers for this. Been watching tons of Hearthstone videos on YouTube. I now just finally want to have a go at it myself!

  45. I love how they give players something to do while they wait for the opponent to play. thank god cause i get bored easily

  46. Im looking forward to really getting a feel for the environment of the game. It seems very interactive and polished.

  47. I’m looking forward to be playing with my friends who has the game already and i will se how good i am my self at this game because when i look at streamers it looks easy but when you play it’s porbably no. Thanks for the giveaway though!

  48. I have been dieing to have a chance to playsome hearthstone. I am a Warcraft fanatic and love card games. this is the perfectcombo!

  49. I want the beta SO BADLY, i’m a Blizzard games fan, and also a TCG enthusiast, so a mix of this two things is the best that can happen EVER!

  50. Thanks for the Giveaway!

    Started playing Magic the Gathering about 18 years ago, right when 4th Edition was released and always loved that game.
    Now we have one of the very best game developers, Blizzard, making their own. It looks amazing and i can’t wait to try it out!
    And my birthday is coming up 6 days after you pick the winners, so it will probably be the best gift i’d get this year. And for that i thank you! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  51. Im looking forward to the game in general! Wanting to figure out how all the different classes work! Crossend my fingers!

  52. I’ve been watching some streams and videos lately…what im looking forward to..hm..I think it’s the whole game. But…the best part will absolutely be beating my friends til they cry:D

  53. Man i really want a key for this game. Im really looking forward to tweaking my deck and discovering new combos.

  54. Thanks for giveaway! I’ve been following this game since the beta started and trying to get a key as well but no luck so far. I’m looking forward to try it because I love TCG games.

  55. Looking forward to be able to do quick plays when I have half an hour to spare.. and long plays when the week-end comes ๐Ÿ™‚
    I think my wallet is not looking forward it though :p

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  56. I’ve been fan of blizzard games for a while now. And I have no doubt this one will be as incredible as others been.

  57. Hello, i’ve been spending nearly all of my free time watching and learning the game and of course participating in giveaways like these in hopes of actually getting in and learning the awesome game that it is!

  58. I’m looking forward to (attempting) to collect all the cards. Or at least getting a nice selection to make a decent deck.

  59. I’m looking forward to collecting every legendary card. Brings back all the nostalgic memories of Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh for me.

  60. I am exited to play with my friends. Compete against them, stream to them and play “together”. Collecting cards will also be very very addictive. I haven’t wanted something this bad since I was a kid. This is really weird feeling.

  61. I can’t wait to try all the different classes. I think mixing classes and cards is a great idea for a card game.

  62. Can’t wait to try the game with my friends. We’re really competitive, we wanna know who’s the best. =)

    Really wanna try a shaman deck too. ^^
    Ohh and the arena looks awesome!!

  63. I am looking forward a game with differents classes and with differents way of playing.
    I am looking forward a game where you can play with friends, have challenges and decompress a bit. ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. please give me the beta key i love this game and i try play but… i havenยดt beta =( i want play , i search from internet long time and the resultat is nothing pls give me and i will be happy =D

  65. I have for such a long time missed the Warcraft games, only to be tired of ’em when I get back into them. Recently though this game has awoken my interest for real, even to the point where I try to play all other online card games, but nothing does the trick like even only watching this game. It’s the sentimentality and nostalgia brought up of the characters and cards that I think is nothing short of amazing, and I can’t wait to play this game. I can’t say I deserve it more than anyone to be fair, I just really want to play.

  66. I’m so looking forward to having a CASUAL CCG, which people might not take so seriously they can’t have fun!
    Plus, it looks seriously good ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. I am looking forward to test out all the different decks that I have been working a lot on to optimize, through various fan sites that allow you to build decks etc.. I can’t wait to play a lot of arena too, but all in all I just can’t wait to get into the beautiful, yet well constructed game.

  68. I’m mainly looking forward to playing arena. It’s a great way to test your skills in an environment where everyone has an equal deck level.

  69. Already made my priest and warlock deck with the cards I could find online.
    I now need a betakey to test them out!

  70. Looking forward towards experiencing the 9-0 Arena dream. ๐Ÿ˜› On a serious note, yeah Arena just looks addicting as hell and I’d love a beta key to play it.

  71. Mostly looking forward to the excellent mix between a casual game and being able to really polish your game to perfection.

  72. I am looking forward to playing something that takes some thought. And that get me away from Diablo III. Have played all the Blizzard games to date and can’t wait to keep that going.

  73. I need it because I’m wasting WAYYYY too much time watching other people play on youtube! Please release me from this torture!

  74. I am extremely excited about this game because other than loving TCGs (eg: MTG, Yugioh, etc) since I was a child. Plus I have been a fan of blizzard and its franchises for quite awhile, and the idea of a card game online made by them is something I would like to be a part of and help improve by contributing. The largest reason I would want to get a key though is because I wanted to launch a blog about video games and other news and I figured the best way to start would be by writing about hearthstone because of its popularity and hopefully get some followers. Thanks

  75. I’d like a chance at a key too, always been interested in Blizzard + CCG. So the best of both worlds.

  76. I need to get my hands on this game now! Im going crazy only watching people playing this piece of awesomness on twich! 0.o

  77. I love all about warcraft mitology. I think this game will be an eesport in few months and i would start to trainning now! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks a lot!

  78. I feel like in every blizz game the joy will be overwhelming. But what i’m most looking forward is to compare it to Warcraft since i love it so much and see what Blizz has done. I play Magic while waiting on my key and got pretty addicted i can say i love card games now. Cant wait to progress some elo in That Hearthstone! ๐Ÿ™‚

  79. Hi! That’s totally awesome to give away keys! I’d love nothing more than to get a beta key for me and my hubby to play! (We play almost every game together since we met in game 6 years ago. ๐Ÿ˜› ) I think the thing we would look forward to most would be customizing of the decks… We’ve been looking forward to this for a while now!

  80. I have been looking for a good ccg/tcg for quite some time and when i saw heartstone the nostalgia hit

  81. I am looking forward to a game that is just awesome to play, not much of that has come out in recent years.

  82. I look forward to how each deck tells a story that matches the summoner snack story (maybe a beast master can take control of other players beasts for one turn, or something like that)

  83. Nice to the beta keys giveaway. I need a key because my girlfriend have one. I love this game and i have to play it. I could play versus her. Thank and good luck

  84. Hearthstone again looks like an addicting game with lots of strategy and a bit of luck. I really like that combination and thats what i am looking forward to

  85. I love The deck building process. And then putting that deck into action and hearing the lamentations of my enemies as they are driven before me in despair!

  86. Hello, iโ€™ve been spending nearly all of my free time watching and learning the game and of course participating in giveaways like these in hopes of actually getting in and learning the awesome game that it is!

  87. The fact that when it hits the iPad, I’m going to spend ALL my travel time playing Hearthstone.

  88. Hello, there are many reasons why I want to play the game, but the main reason is that I want to join my friends in the game. I’ve seen videos and the game looks really interesting.

  89. Big Wow fan back in the day, like many I suppose. This game looks like a ton of fun, to be honest. Blizzard so consistently make such great games. Can’t wait to make up a good warrior deck and go up against my wife’s shaman ๐Ÿ™‚

  90. I’m looking forward to a nice casual game that’s fun and challenging. I can’t wait to try out arena mode. Thanks for being generous and giving away your keys!

  91. I wanted a key so badly I believed someone on Reddit when they said they got 3 from PC GAMER’s failaway. So I contacted him and after talking for a bit he said he could trade me one code for the low price of PAYDAY 2 which only being 30 dollars I knew was a good deal especially since he talked about potentially putting them up on eBay for 200. So being a gullible and hopeful fool I got him his game and traded it to him on Steam, he told me to wait a second while he got the code. Cone to find out his BROTHER had apparently given the code to someone else so it was tough shit on me. That’s why I should get a code because I want to play this game so badly I looked past my cynicism trusted another human being and got burned…..oh well cest’ la vie eh?

  92. I’ve played a couple of TCG/CCGs before (MTG and DoC) and i’m really looking forward to trying out the different heroes that Hearthstone has to offer, especially the rogue (Being a rogue main in WoW), as well as play with my friends and doing arenas! Also, who doesn’t love opening packs and, hopefully, getting legendary cards. Already been watching streams quite a bit like Trump’s, all that’s missing now is a beta key to actually see how I fare on my own (:

  93. Woot, I hope I get a key, I want to throw my money at blizz, they just don’t seem to want it yet. I understand though, they have to count all the money they’ve already made off it.

  94. I would love a key. I am looking forward to the different decks and the excitement of open some packs and to hear that dwarf voice yell golden legendary. That would be awesome I hope I get a key. But with my luck lately I doubt it.

  95. Am already lost any hope, but still trying to get betakey. Im very interesting in tcg and warcraft universe, and now its so painful to watch how some guys sell keys on ebay for 50-80 euro and fans siting and just watching on streams without keys.

  96. This game is such a streamlined CCG. It has fast paced action but still forces you to play strategically. I am most excited for the arena. You get to show off your deck building skills and can make decks that would never be seen in constructed (4 fireballs anyone?)

  97. Iam already addicted to hearthstone only by watching streams, if you would give me a key would be awesome iam also at my holidays right now after a hard year of work!

  98. I am looking forward to creating different decks and exploring card combinations. I love card games and I think Hearthstone will be a milestone.

  99. Most excited about arena mode. Love Draft style play in other TCGs and can’t wait to play it in this one.

  100. Yu-Gi-Oooooooooooo!!… oh sorry, wrong card game… we’re all looking forward to playing this game… havefun

  101. This game looks so good, I’ve been watching a lot of streams and I tried a lot of giveaways without succes atm :/, thank you !

  102. I want a key so hard ๐Ÿ˜›

    “Iโ€™m looking forward to a nice casual game thatโ€™s fun and challenging. I canโ€™t wait to try out arena mode. ” I agree with Kevin’s comment!

  103. I’m lookung forward to playing Arena where you to build a new deck each time you start a new round. I think it will lead to a lot of fun.

  104. I’m as a fan of Munchkin, looking forward to having a lot of fun beating my opponents with unusal tactics and decks. And also I’d love to stream my games, hope it will be entertaining to watch.
    Thank you for these giveaways, best regards.

  105. Big fun of TCG and Blizzard, Im looking forward to not just play the game but test it (Im QA engineer) and make it better for other players when game will be released.

  106. Here is my reason why i would like to have a beta key for hearthstone:

    I used to play a lot of Magic the Gathering and Netrunner, and won / placed high in some huge tournaments, like Regionals, Nationals, …
    Having alsways been a fan of blizzard gaming ever since the lost vikings appeared, i am so interested in playing hearthstone as soon as possible.
    Looking at twitch streams and seeing some good and many mediocre players makes me quite envy.

    So please, please give me a beta key so i can make other people go envy with it!

  107. I’m looking forward to play Blizzard’s nes game since i’m a blizzard fan for long long time.

  108. The game looks more addicting than any drugs thats why I want 1 key please.I’m not saying that I am taking drugs:D.

  109. Hello man, I really need this key coze i was thrown away from my job for no reason. I wait a key from anounce and play wow till release.

  110. Here’s hoping I get a key. I want to play this game so badly and have wanted to play ever since 1 month and a half ago. I’m desperate. O n O

    1. and the thing i’m looking forward to most is DECK BUILDING. I want to try all the deck types, mill, heaven rouge, you name it.

  111. If I got a key the first deck that I would make is a warrior deck with a lot of enrage! I’ve seen some some videos with people play with such a deck and just boosting minions up to insane damage and destroying people! ๐Ÿ˜€

  112. Been following the game for over a month, dying to play it and would be amazing to finally be able to play it with my friends that were lucky to get it already.

  113. First off, let me say thank you for hosting this giveaway! I have been trying for weeks now to get my hands on a key for Hearthstone. I am starting up a gaming Youtube channel very soon, and would love to start things off by playing this game on it. Not only that I’ve just been dying to get my hands on Hearthstone just like everyone else here! I think what excites me the most about Hearthstone is the arena mode, and I can see my self spending many hours playing it. I know I most likely will not win a key but either way thank you very much for the opportunity!

  114. Well Thank you for doing this for us that donยดt have a key! I just want to practice alot and try to win on Arena against good card decks. i think itยดs gonna be a lot of fun .

  115. Arena mode is amazing. I love coming up with decks on the fly (and other types of improvizational strategy.) The most exciting thing I would say is getting creative with the decks and always trying to make something unique.

  116. Thanks for doing this, I’ve been looking for ages trying to get a key! What I’m looking for most out of Hearthstone is playing the arena’s and ranking up. Gotta get platinum baby!

  117. well,there is not really one special think i like,but it’s the game itself that makes me wanna play it so badly…
    so i expect to win this giveaway and good luck to the rest of you.

  118. I dont want the key, in the wise words of Rock. ” I have been wating so long i do not care i might as well go last”… He gets chosen and “it worked like a charm i knew that i said i wanted to be last i would be next,i simply implyed the princpal that if i realy try to something i simply stop trying, its a form of reverse pyscolgy. So that is my stance on geting the key. I also think the mage play would be cool, being a Big mtg fan and wow player !!!

  119. Hmm its hard to say what im looking for ๐Ÿ˜€
    Like 10 years ago i played a real card game called duel masters.
    Hearthstone its like that game and i would feel again how it to play a Battle card game.I’v alrdy made like 50 tikets for blizz join in over 50 contest hunt a beta key on twitch… but im unlucky i how i wil win now
    Ps:When il get a beta key il become the best player of these game.
    Remember Spoukey!!!

  120. Where do i begin? I’ve been excited with this game as i saw the first video Blizz put up. This has never happened to me before .Been to every other giveaway out there , simply my luck wasn’t that strong these past couple of weeks. Hope everything will be alright with this last giveaway. Thanks for doing this, all the best !

  121. I can’t wait to play this game! I am most looking forward to building my own deck and collecting cards. I love creating a personalized deck and competing with it.

  122. Pretty down on my luck right now with a torn achilles, recovery is super slow, been trying to nab a key to fill the void for the past month waking up every morning to check that inbox, would be stoked if I could win this.

  123. I’ve been playing MTG for about 7 years, and im really excited about Hearthstone, Looks really fun and would love to try it out! ๐Ÿ™‚

  124. Posting for my brother, whos down on his luck, GL everyone, and cheers for doing this man (added wrong email previous post, fixed)

  125. Im looking forward towards all strategies and all my childhood memories from warcraft 3 comming back to me, and i’ve always been a fan of card games :). It would actually mean alot to me if i was given a hearthstone key. Anyway
    Thanks for the chance man:),
    your regards Adam!,

  126. Thanks for this giveaway, man! I’ve been a fan of Warcraft and its lore since I first came to know it, and I love the prospect of building a powerful deck over time. The Arena sounds interesting, too, especially (IIRC) that you can’t go back on a card-decision you made when you build your Arena deck.

  127. Cheers for the give away!

    To be perfectly honest I’ve only seen a few streams which got me hooked up.. I *shamefully* spent hours and hours on WoW and this looked something that I could continue be shameful for!

  128. I’m looking forward to actually playing the game rather than just watching other people play it ..

  129. Really looking forward to playing Arena matches, and once open beta starts – ranked play. Hopefully I won’t totally suck!

  130. hey man i have been trying to get the beta ever since it started yet i got no key i would love a key man ive been following blizzard since world of Warcraft started and i am looking forward to the arena because i like going into a match where know one can plan there moves exactly.

  131. ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t wait to play Hearthstone, been waiting for a beta key. But whether now or later I know I’ll eventually get to play it.

  132. I am very excited for Hearthstone and have entered many contest with zero luck of getting a key. I would be so happy and grateful if I won this, it would be amazing.

  133. I have entered so many contests to try and win beta keys so far with no such luck. Thank you for holding this contest, hoping this is my lucky time to finally get to play this awesome game! :’)

  134. I can’t wait to build a Murloc Warlock deck and hear that jibber-jabbering with every card. I’d love to win the key

  135. I would like to play hearthstone so i can play it day and night trying to make the best deck ever created!

  136. I can’t wait to play the Arena Mode. I’m watching streams all day and it looks like so much fun. Cheers!

  137. I’ve not played a TCG since Magic many years ago. Looking forward to seeing if I can still play them well.

  138. Well i havent played any card games but i do love blizzard and i wanted this game badly enough that i almost bought a 300$ key but i thought otherwise. Ill throw my name out here to test my luck. My most favorite thing looking forward to this game for is how much time you can put into it and it will still be fun cause you can have multiple decks, also cause it has a ranking system, I am a former League of Legends player and i think this game is an amazing game that i will love because it has a Sort of Tf2 League of Legends or Starcraft ranking system and then its a card game. Sorry for this long speech. ๐Ÿ™‚

  139. I am looking forward to creating different decks and exploring card combinations. I love card games and I think Hearthstone will be a milestone.

  140. I love Blizzard games as well as trading card games, so I’m really looking forward to try this one. So getting a beta key would be ace !

  141. i looking forward for this becouse i played every singel cardgame from magic to yugioh and i really want to play this one 2 becouse i like card game and wow

  142. Hey, trying to win a key for my brother for his birthday. I’d love to be able to give him one as he’s been down in the dumps for a while now. As for what I’m looking towards, I’m looking towards him finally being happy and destroying in Arena ๐Ÿ˜€

  143. I’ve been watching videos for this game for the past month. What i’m looking forward the most is collecting all cards (especially legendaries!) Create perfect decks, but also competing in the arena’s!

  144. Been watching video for the past month. Seems like a really fun and addicting game. I love the warcraft lore.

  145. I’ve been following hearthstone for the past few months. I signed up for the beta, entered several sweepstakes, and even followed streamers that gave away keys. Still no luck. I’m looking forward to playing a great game! I want a key really badly!

  146. I’ve been a big fan of card games for a while, and I have been really wanting to play this one. I’d would really like the game mostly just to play for fun and relax while I’m not playing League of Legends. Well all I can say is Congrats to whoever wins and thanks for helping some of us out with Beta keys.

  147. I’m really excited about the Arena. You and your opponent get different cards randomly every time and this is more exciting for me than just building a Deck. It’s something different.

  148. I would loooooove to win a key Hearthstone! Really one of the games i have been dying to try most!. And good luck!

  149. looking forward to hearthstone so i can finally start using al the deck ideas i got just from looking at the game.

    Its making me crazy that i can test all these ideas i got so i would really love a hearthstone beta key.

  150. i really want this key i love the streams i have watched of people playing it and it makes me really sad that i dont have a key to use

  151. Settling heated arguments with friends the manly way by beating the s*** out of them in an card game.

  152. Would really like to get a key ๐Ÿ˜€
    Looking forward to actually playing the game instead of just watching Let’s Plays on Youtube.

  153. Oh man, I would love a Key, big Magic: The Gathering fan, would love to crush some ppl in Hearthstone!

  154. I’m most looking forward to learning how to play the game in depth and how the meta of the game is going to develop.

  155. My reasons are the same like those of the 350 others I guess, after +20 giveaways it’s hard to write one more time the same, when you know your comment most likely won’t even be read.

  156. Looking forward to HS because I’ve always loved CCGs, but there are no live games where I am, and every other CCG I try has some drawback. Hex isn’t going to be out for a long time, Scrolls has a tiny card pool and updates are far, far too slow, and MtG is way too expensive. HS seems to fill the gap!

  157. I’m definitely looking forward to the Arena of Hearthstone, I’m going to be dropping some cash into it at the start! =P

    1. Looking forward to building different decks and my skill at choosing and building a proper deck in arena

  158. I’m really looking forward to play Hearthstone, I’m already loving it just watching twitch streams all day. I played Magic and other TCG for years, and all Blizzard games also.

    Good luck everyone and thanks for the giveaway!

  159. I’ve been looking for a beta key since the game came out and I’m big fan of play games of cards and it would be great to have a betakey

  160. I’m most looking forward to being able to play so that my friend will stop rubbing it into my face that he’s in the beta. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  161. I’m most looking forward to the Arena mode of Hearthstone. Building a competitive deck from random cards is always challenging and fun.

    Good Luck everyone!

  162. I am really looking forward to create and build ja own deck and to collect cards vor it. Also the daily quest is sth that i am really looking for.

    Thank you for giving us the Chance to win a key ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good Luck all!

  163. What I am looking forward to in the game? EVERYTHING! ๐Ÿ˜€
    I’ve been following Hearthstone since it was announced and I can’t wait to be able to play the game non-stop.

    Thanks for these keys!!!

  164. I’m just so looking forward to actually playing the game after watching so many different people play it.

  165. Throwing my hat in the ring here… Looking forward for an unbloated tcg with fast matches, compared to others.

  166. Thanks for the opportunity. I’m looking forwards to competitive tournaments in the game, and community events.

  167. I’m a dorm MTG player, but I’ve never liked the digital game. Now when I see hearthstone I see a oportunity for a great online card game. They’ve taken every mistake from MTG and polished it.

  168. I am looking forward to no longer having to trawl giveaways and instead focus on amazing deck building

  169. Been watching and following the game so much, thing I look forward too the most is comming up and playing against ingenious unconventional decks xD

  170. Building new decks and opening new booster packs to … build new decks. Nothing is better than a little surprise every now and then. And I want to quit watching streams and theorycraft for my own, playable deck ๐Ÿ™‚

  171. i would love having a key cause i’m a great fan of warcraft saga and this closed beta is making me mad! ๐Ÿ˜€

  172. I’m still relatively new to this game, just heard about it last week but it looks pretty awesome. I’m most intrigued by the arenas.

  173. I’ve always been interested in card games, only physical tho, looking forward to going digital!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  174. I would totally check out any Class you can play to get all the deck cards of them. But afterwards I gues I would stick to my warri and kick ass ๐Ÿ˜›

  175. I’d love a key so I could tease the hell out of my roommate and neglect shoolwork, that’s what games are all about. Right?! DO EET!

  176. Well, I’m looking forward to get a beta key to this game for a longer while. It seems almost imossible.. but I will give at least a chance for myself to get one over here! Now, I am just full of hope! ๐Ÿ™‚

  177. i really want to play this game, thats a the reason of why i want this game, since i know frozen throne all the history of this game is complety amazing

  178. im so exicited of this game, prob thats the why i really want to get a beta key of hearthstone, and i hope u give it to me ๐Ÿ˜›

  179. i think , when i was young , when i played warcraft 3 and the WoW , its when i become a fan of blizzard
    and the of all the warcraft games, well anyway Gl to all

  180. hope , i get 1 beta key some day, i just want to play in arena, look so awesome , this game is so damn fun and seems addictive, hope u give me 1 key ๐Ÿ˜›

  181. well, i dont know where start, because this game looks so great, and like the ppl say they played all game of blizzard and really enjoyed so i do, but the true is this game show u something that no 1 know, the true is, this game is about passion like strategy games, but more than that is about patience and get it fun, so ya like all the person here, i want this beta key so badly

  182. plz 1 beta key :(, u dont have an idea of how much i expected this game before he comes out on beta, and now i had been in 20 contest every week, and still no beta key T_T, thats prob a good reason of why i want it

  183. My last chance of a beta key u.u, blizzard says there is not more beta key for alongggg time, so wish me luck, because this is my last chance

  184. i tihnk it all started , when i see this game comming up, it literally changed my life, cause i was learning all about this game, thats prob a good reason, i like this game so bad, hope that 1 day ill get 1 key

  185. ill really enjoy watching this game on streams, and i participe in all the contest i see, so prob i get lucky today for 1 beta key, but anyway thx for doing this giveaway lets wait some luck

  186. I feel like I deserve a key, because the last 2 years of my life have been kind of shitty. I had leukemia, and while the cancer is cured, Iโ€™m still frail and my immune system sucks, I canโ€™t really go outside without catching an illness.
    I love CCGs though, and Iโ€™ve been spending my time watching hearthstone streams and finding that itโ€™s really my cup of tea, Iโ€™d love to play that game sooner rather than later. Please let something good happen to me for a change.

  187. Well, first of all itโ€™s getting harder and harder to avoid the game for me. Because I donโ€™t really want to know everything about the game, what the top decks are and so on before
    I actually get to play the game. Because knowing these kinds of things will skew my experience with the game. Knowing that โ€œthis cards sucks, this hero sucks, donโ€™t even try thoseโ€, itโ€™s much more fun experiencing this by yourself. If youโ€™ve played WoW
    Iโ€™m sure youโ€™re much more fond of your first experience with WoW rather than the time you return for a new expansion. With that said, of course, I want the key primarily so I can enjoy the game myself,
    but also because my curiosity is starting to get the upper hand on me. And thereโ€™s not much else to say then that I think. Iโ€™m not going to write up a sob story about how I never win on giveaways or anything of the like. Instead, Iโ€™ll just leave you guys with a: Thank You for doing this giveaway

  188. Hi, I am a young stream full-time fan of the Warcraft universe, and fan games blizzard. My viewers asked to regularly stream of Hearthstone,
    only I did not have the key and make it long as I test the concour to have one. If by luck you see the message, and you like it, be nice with me and do this for my viewers and not for me ? Sorry for the mistakes, Iโ€™m not English.

  189. Iโ€™ve been stressing out about wanting a beta key so much so that it has stopped me from doing important university work. Now, you may be able to argue that getting a key would distract me further, but at least I would get some work done as I wouldnโ€™t have the horrible feeling of the almost impossible odds of getting a key weighing down on me constantly. Thatโ€™s the plan at least.
    So yeah, I want a key in order to not fail my degree, or at the very least, to fail it in a stress free way!

  190. hi, well my history starts when i was a kid, when i play my first computer game i was 11 years old, ill still remember
    that was diablo 2, i was really exicited, i know its a violent game for a kid, but anyway i keep playing, this game made my childhood,
    1 of my favorites if you ask me, then i keep on and the next game i played was Warcraft 3 and then Frozen throne, that
    was my first game of strategy, and the best campaing i played, i introduced on the history of this game, i was really
    exicted to know what was next, so i played WoW, and believe me i didnt sleep just for play this game, it was like….
    the best game Rpg u could play at this game (14 years old) so i keep playing, and then i stopped because of the school
    and things i had to do, but then this game apperas (hearthstone) and all change, i mean that feel when you want to play
    a new game, you get exicited, and well thats why im here participing for a beta key, hope i win thanks for this by the way

  191. well, i just hope i have enought luck for this, why i want this? because is hearthstone and not kust that cnat stop watching streams just for that

  192. I saw this game on twitch and it looked really interesting. If you want a decent opponent for future challenging matchup pick me ๐Ÿ™‚

  193. hmmm, i started playing when i was 11 years old, my first game on computer, was diablo 2 expantion
    and then i played warcraft 3, so im big fan of blizzard and this game really looks amazing i just hope i win and thx for this giveaway

  194. i want this beta key plz, hope u understand how much i want this game, im prob the biggest fan u can meet, but most than that i enjoyed watching streams just for fun, but i really want to play it

  195. o well thx u again for make this giveaway, but i dont know if i will win, T_T i had participed in alot contest , but never win, hope u understand how badly i want this game,

  196. why i want this game?, well first of all its an strategy game , im an amateur on thse games, i play to much dota , but this game, really looks awesome and i will enjoy it playing all day if i just get it

  197. I have been watching alot of twitch games from magic and hearthstone and I would love so much to get to try hearthstone and help the development of the game.

  198. What I love about the game is how a seemingly sure victory can suddenly take a complete 180. Really love watching those sudden turns :p

  199. I play magic the gathering since 10 years i would like to know the difference and fight with legendary cards of wow!

  200. One of the first online CCG’s that i greatly look forward to! I can’t wait to start playing it as soon as possible!

  201. After all the failures to get one Beta Key (PC gamer.. Enough said I bet), I hope this one gets me lucky. Good luck to everyone and thanks to you!

  202. Hello ๐Ÿ™‚ Most of my friends are already playing Heartstone, so i wish to play with them ๐Ÿ™‚ I want to play as paladin ๐Ÿ™‚

  203. Hey, i have searched for a hearthstone beta key since they open EU beta, but haven’t had any luck getting one, i would really be happy to get one!

  204. I will promptly comprehension your rss because i cannot to locate your own e-mail subscription url or e-newsletter service. Accomplish you might have just about any? Please i want to acknowledge making sure that I could truthfully sign up. Thank you.

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    with your views on this website.

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