Who I am in 140 characters+

Hello and thank you for your interest in the man behind the words. As undoubtedly awkward as it is for me to present myself to you over a blog post, I will attempt to make the experience as brief as possible.

I am a:

Gamer | Writer | Sci-Fi Aficionado | Academic | Believer | Dreamer

I love:

Waffles | Companionship | Education

I hate:

Informal communication | Dishonesty | Lethargy

4 thoughts on “Who I am in 140 characters+”

  1. Hey :)
    I especially liked People to Remember When You are Uninspired.
    all the best and
    blog on…

  2. jabbarov said:

    And I just found you in here by chance! Ma man how are you and what are you cooking these days?!

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